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Get out of Debt! Manage Debt!

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Manage Debt

The Zero Balance Revolution is a program that is designed to help you take control of your finances and your life by teaching you how to get out of debt and stay that way!  Our members have access to a multitude of resources designed to gently guide them into financial literacy and eventually financial peace.

We believe in a "whole person approach to financial empowerment."  We don't just work on your numbers, we work with YOU to help you develop a healthy relationship with money.  Our training and materials cover the mental as well as the physical aspect of money.

Money is almost an emotion.  By dealing with the emotion of money in the proper fashion, you will begin to see improvement in how you feel, and how you deal, with your finances.  And as you get control, your situation will improve.  When you stop letting money control you and you start to control it, your stress level and anxiety will drop and you will begin to move forward towards financial peace.

Membership in the Zero Balance Revolution includes resources, tips, forms, and exercises for you to use on the road to zero debt.  You can even sign up for private, one-on-one coaching if you want!

If you are not sure, or would like an example of what you will find in the membership site, sign up for our FREE Life Money Handbook, which includes empowerment exercises you can do yourself on your journey to financial peace.

If you are committed you can do it!  And we are here to help you along the way.