About Us

STEPHEN DANEY, Financial Coach

Stephen opened his first business, a custom furniture shop called Work of Hands, when he was 20 years old.  He later founded and was managing director of North Fork Building and Design, Inc. a building company that introduced the first Earthship to the panhandle of Texas.  He continues to be interested in rethinking the way we design living spaces and in developing solar, wind and earth centered building technologies.

Stephen lived for 5 years in Kansas, on retreat, in an atmosphere of simple living, meditation, and celebration. He has studied the contemplative religions of both East and West for many years and currently follows Buddhist traditions.

Stephen eventually joined the family business, a payday loan company.  Although the company made tremendous amounts of money, Stephen was unfulfilled working in a business he felt took advantage of people in need, rather than helping them.  He left the family business and started Financial Resolutions with the intention of assisting people with their money problems through a variety of means, from counseling to debt settlement.  In discussions with his clientele, he discovered that many people feel disempowered when dealing with money and do not have the tools and perspective to integrate money management with life.  It is through these experiences and associations that he has gained a unique understanding of the relationships between life and money and debt.

This knowledge combined with his spiritual education gave rise to his whole person approach to financial empowerment.

Now, after 10 years of working directly with people who are chronically in debt, Stephen has recently founded The Life Money Center to further educate people about financial matters and assist them on improving their relationship with money.  This membership site is only one aspect of his The Life Money Center .

Stephen is a member of the Nazrudin Project, a worldwide think tank of financial advisers exploring issues of spirituality and human behaviors toward money.

CLAIRE MOORE, Certified Public Accountant

Claire grew up in Southern California, went to college and owned businesses in the Southwest, and currently resides near the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.  Claire graduated from the University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree, with honors.  She received numerous awards and scholarships in college, including the Accounting Association's Outstanding Member award.

Claire accepted a position at a prestigous accounting firm right out of college, where she gained skill and knowledge in financial and tax reporting.  She took the Certified Public Accountancy Exam in 1987, passing the first time through and receiving the Elijah Watt Sells award for grades obtained on that exam (one of 117 awards given out of 72,000 candidates).  Claire was the seventh person in the State of New Mexico to receive the award since its inception in 1923.  She is currently licensed in the State of New Mexico.

During her career as a certified public accountant, Claire has owned her own public accounting firm as well as owned other types of businesses.  She is a skilled business consultant, having worked with many small business owners over the years.  She met Stephen Daney when she was hired as the CPA for his business.  As she became more familiar with Stephen's philosophy towards debt management for individuals, she knew she wanted to be involved.  Together they have formed this website, to help you in your pursuit of a debt-free, socially conscious asset-rich life.

Claire isn't immune to financial issues....she has experienced the ups and downs of owning her own (and her husband's) businesses and understands the stress related to dealing with fluctuating cash flow as well as creditors.  She is also in pursuit of a peaceful relationship with money and joins you in your journey.  It is important to note that money crises can affect everyone, especially in today's economy.  The new "norm" is austerity rather than indulgence  Together we will define what that means for each of us, and determine how to heal from the hangover of living beyond our means using easy credit as the vehicle to do so.