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What’s Really Important?

Steve Jobs died yesterday.  He was 56. 

Steve Jobs had a brilliant, creative mind.  Those of us who grew up during the computing revolution watched the Apple/Microsoft story unfold in the media.  Apple initially lost that race, then came from behind to become the most valuable company in the world.  That was Steve Jobs' vision. 

But with all his vision, and his money, he could not change his health.  All the money in the world could not save his life from pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest of all cancers.  It took Patrick Swayze, another icon of our time. 

This demonstrates the obvious, that there are things far more important than money.  Your health, your family, your dreams, your passions. 

I am greatly saddened by the passing of Steve Jobs.  I am sure he wasn't through innovating.  But in his death let's learn this lesson - money serves life.  It does not determine or save it.  And remember, there are things money simply cannot buy.



Tampa Bay Rays pulled off a miracle last night. 

You may or may not be into baseball, I am only because of my son - he plays Little League and High School ball and loves it.  He has the MLB channel on at home.  He knows facts and stats.  I have never been into sports, but we have become a baseball family.  And we live near Tampa, so naturally we are Rays' fans.

At the beginning of this year, the Rays were "raided" of most of their best players, who, after a great year last year, were wooed away with large salaries by bigger teams.  The Rays are a "rookie" team, having only been an MLB team for a few years.  They have a small payroll, relatively speaking.  And no one in Tampa, or elsewhere, expected much of the team that remained.  We all looked forward to a relatively uneventful year.

And it started out that way.  But, it did not end that way!

How does a group of young upstarts pull off a three-series win against the Yankees (who have the highest payroll in the MLB), to end with a spot in the playoffs?  And to boot, down in the 7th inning 7 to zero, score 6 runs in the 8th.  And at the bottom of the 9th, with two outs and two strikes, score a home run to tie the game?  And to win the game in the bottom of the 12th inning with a single homer by veteran Longoria? 

Determination, grit, teamwork, belief, a few veterans to lead the way (Longoria) and yes, a little luck (can you say Red Sox?).

This morning I have hope.  And this should give all of us hope and inspiration.  Miracles do happen.  If you have a vision and determination, tenacity, and a veteran (or mentor), the universe will add that extra ingredient to pull things together for you.  When your life falls into place as it should be, it will look like a miracle has occurred!

So, even if you are not a baseball fan, let the Rays amazing run to the playoffs uplift you and give you hope.  Hope that miracles can happen in your life. 

You provide the vision, determination and tenacity, let us be your mentors, and then let the miracles begin.  You are one step away from a path to a debt-free, asset-rich lifestyle.  Join the Zero Balance Revolution today!

Be inspired today.  I am!


Two Questions to Ask Yourself

I'm not sure where I encountered these two questions, but when I heard them I thought wow, two questions that once answered would provide a lot of insight into our money beliefs.  They are simple questions, yet profound.  Here they are:

What does money mean, to me?

What does being wealthy mean, to me?

Everyone will have different answers.  If there is any type of negative feeling towards these questions that says a lot of why you might be in a less than stellar financial position. 

So many of us were brought up with negative feelings towards wealthy people, or even jealousy.  Our subconscious thinks that "being wealthy must be bad".  As much as we all (think) we want piles of money, a negative feeling towards money will make it difficult to build those piles. 

We must embrace money as a good thing, a useful thing, a positive thing, but not the ONLY thing.  Many times our vision is skewed....I would be happy if only I had money.  Well, many people with LOTS of money will tell you that it does not make you happy.  That comes from inside. 

So take some time to reflect on these two questions and your initial reaction to them.  Now, adjust that reaction to something more appropriate.  Write down the more appropriate reaction and read it daily, until it becomes your new paradigm.  This will go a long way towards helping you find the financial peace you deserve.



The Beauty of Life

As we go through our day to day routine, we often become numb to the beauty around us.  A dysfunctional relationship with money can take us into ourselves even more, so that we don't notice a beautiful sunset (or sunrise, if you are on your way to work)...we forget to hug our children or tell our spouse we love them.  We are so worried about paying our bills, about making enough money to get through the month that we lose site of the beauty in life.

I just finished watching a performance of Andrea Bocelli, accompanied by Lang Lang on the piano (no not live, but sometime in my life!).  What beauty, perfection.  Talent like that takes you to a greater place in existence, connects you with something far greater than paying that next bill.  It awakens that deep spirit within us, where our dreams and aspirations live. 

We all need to take the time to embrace the beauty in life, no matter what our financial situation.  I know people who appear very rich, but are living in a house of cards - and fear.  And I know people who have very little, but take time to enjoy life and all it has to offer.  A fantastic life isn't based on how much money you have, but how you embrace it and relate to it (life, and money).

I hope everyone has the ability to feel the beauty of a wonderful song, a perfect performance, nature and life, deep inside.  This is where life is lived.  And this is where change resides and will arise.

Join us.