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Life and Money

It has been a while since I posted.  Life got in the way.  I am sure most everyone can relate to that.

Tonight I am sitting in Taos New Mexico, where I work.  I live in Florida...who knew?  It is a beautiful autumn day and a winter storm is on the way.  Figuring out my own dreams and desires has taken me away from this project, temporarily.  It has never left my mind.

Finances are part of everyone's daily life.  I work with people for whom money is no object.  They own planes, real estate, and can buy anything they want and travel when they want.  I come from poverty.  Money is always an issue and in short supply.  That is my mindset.  Unfortunately, even when I have plenty of money I operate from the mindset of not enough. This is not good when you are trying to grow your finances.  You need to make room in your mind and life for boundless money.

And money can never buy peace of mind.  Peace of mind comes from within and is an endless quest.  Some never find it and don't even expect to.  Others find it easily.  Why is that?  This is unrelated to money.

But operating responsibly with your finances is the adult thing to do, regardless of your state of mind.  So that is what this site is intended to do - help you with that responsibility.  Put some parameters around your financial life.  It  shouldn't dictate your thoughts, but be a part of your life that is managed properly no matter what your circumstance.

This site currently has many excellent resources.  And shortly more will be added.  It will be renewed and refreshed.

Join us!