The Beauty of Life

As we go through our day to day routine, we often become numb to the beauty around us.  A dysfunctional relationship with money can take us into ourselves even more, so that we don't notice a beautiful sunset (or sunrise, if you are on your way to work)...we forget to hug our children or tell our spouse we love them.  We are so worried about paying our bills, about making enough money to get through the month that we lose site of the beauty in life.

I just finished watching a performance of Andrea Bocelli, accompanied by Lang Lang on the piano (no not live, but sometime in my life!).  What beauty, perfection.  Talent like that takes you to a greater place in existence, connects you with something far greater than paying that next bill.  It awakens that deep spirit within us, where our dreams and aspirations live. 

We all need to take the time to embrace the beauty in life, no matter what our financial situation.  I know people who appear very rich, but are living in a house of cards - and fear.  And I know people who have very little, but take time to enjoy life and all it has to offer.  A fantastic life isn't based on how much money you have, but how you embrace it and relate to it (life, and money).

I hope everyone has the ability to feel the beauty of a wonderful song, a perfect performance, nature and life, deep inside.  This is where life is lived.  And this is where change resides and will arise.

Join us.

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