What’s Really Important?

Steve Jobs died yesterday.  He was 56. 

Steve Jobs had a brilliant, creative mind.  Those of us who grew up during the computing revolution watched the Apple/Microsoft story unfold in the media.  Apple initially lost that race, then came from behind to become the most valuable company in the world.  That was Steve Jobs' vision. 

But with all his vision, and his money, he could not change his health.  All the money in the world could not save his life from pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest of all cancers.  It took Patrick Swayze, another icon of our time. 

This demonstrates the obvious, that there are things far more important than money.  Your health, your family, your dreams, your passions. 

I am greatly saddened by the passing of Steve Jobs.  I am sure he wasn't through innovating.  But in his death let's learn this lesson - money serves life.  It does not determine or save it.  And remember, there are things money simply cannot buy.

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