Money Worries

Everyone has them to one degree or another. Our goal is to give you a way to manage money thoughts so that your thoughts and emotions don't go in useless loops, depleting your energy and self esteem. 

Tough assignment. 

We have part of the solution; relaxed awareness, identifying what you can control and what is out of our control, focusing on what you can control and then making decisions based on clarity placed in the context of short, mid-term and long-term financial planning. 

Key thing is how we bring ourselves to a place of emotional clarity so we focus only on what we can change and control and let go of what we have absolutely no control over. This should, eventually, provide some relief and release though it won't take away the completely natural anxiety that arises when we have conflicting obligations. At least we will be able to say "Yes" to this and "No" to that without regret or remorse. We did what we could with what we had. We have to be at peace with that even if we are still not where we want to be financially.

Anxiety is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be our friend and inspire us to find creative and unexpected solutions and force us out of our comfort zone to see a larger perspective. Here again the challenge is converting that energy into something positive rather than letting it eat us alive. 

That is our work and we will find a way.

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