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Get ouf of Debt with Debt Settlement Advice

What is debt settlement?  Do you need debt settlement advice to help you get out of debt?

Debt settlement is when a person negotiates with a creditor to accept less than the amount of the total debt as full payment for the debt.  In the current recessionary times, unsecured creditors have been more willing to accept less than the total amount of a debt, rather than risking losing the total amount due.  If you have considered working with your creditors on your own, you should seek debt settlement advice to ensure you are treated properly and get the best possible terms for your settlement.

In the last several years, debt settlement companies have become common.  In fact, many former mortgage brokers now work for debt settlement companies.  Unfortunately, there have been some unscrupulous companies that have taken upfront fees for debt settlement and then never actually provided any services; this has given the debt settlement industry a bad name.  Federal legislation has been passed that prevents debt settlement companies from taking upfront fees, which sent many of the weaker companies out of business.  Now, debt settlement companies can only receive a fee when they actually settle a debt for a consumer.

Debt settlement companies that are still operating today are more honest; having weathered the change in the legal environment.  But did you know you can settle your own debts?  There are two benefits to working with a debt settlement company:  first, they know how to work with creditors, and typically have established working relationships with debt collectors, and second, they can settle your debts without the emotion involved if you were to do it on your own.

With Debt Settlement Advice, You Can Settle Your Own Debts!

If you have determined that debt settlement is a path you need to go down to get out of debt, and you are able to approach creditors in a professional fashion and without emotion, you can successfully settle your own debts.  But having someone you can talk to for debt settlement advice can tremendously increase your success.  Knowing someone in the debt settlement industry can give you the edge you need to settle your debts successfully.

Membership in the Zero Balance Revolution includes access to a debt settlement expert, someone who has owned a debt settlement company for over five years, that is still in business, and has an A+ rating with the local Better Business Bureau.  If you are confident in your negotiating skills, you can save thousands of dollars settling your own debt using the mentors in our membership site  for relevant debt settlement advice.