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Debt Management Help – Where Do You Start?

Debt Management Help

Do You Need Debt Management Help?

You need debt management help if you are sinking in a sea of debt, unable to find your way to shore.  If you feel like you are drowning, debt management help can be the life preserver that pulls you out of debt.

Debt management help can come in many forms - credit counseling, debt negotiation, debt consolidation, even bankruptcy.  However, all these types of help should include some type of financial mentoring.   You need to assess why you got in this situation in the first place and what you can do to make sure it never happens again.  In fact if you file bankruptcy you are required to do financial counseling.

Zero Balance Revolution is a financial mentoring program.  Regardless of whether you are in another type of debt management program, the Zero Balance Revolution can help you find peace with money and give you the strength to reach your financial goals.  If you are looking for debt management help and just need a program or some structure to go the road yourself, then Zero Balance Revolution is for you.  We teach you the skills you need and discuss the options available to you to get you out of debt, once and for all.

Take the First Step towards Debt Management Help

But you must take the first step.  In order to stop sinking, you need to take control of the situation and seek debt management help.  And you should start in a financial mentoring program like Zero Balance Revolution, because you need a plan and that is what our program helps you develop.  We help you look at your situation objectively in order to make rational decisions about how to proceed.  Maybe you can do this on your own.  Or, if you have lost a job or have faced some other type of financial emergency, you may need additional help.  But you won't know until you properly assess the situation.

So grab on to that life preserver in the form of debt management help, and join the Zero Balance Revolution today, so you can figure out a plan to get you out of debt, once and for all.


Debt Reduction Services – Finally Get Out of Debt

Debt Reduction Services

Cut Up Those Credit Cards!

If you are looking for debt reduction services, you have come to the right place.  Our membership website is devoted to helping you get out of debt and stay that way.  Once you have your debt handled, you can begin to start increasing your assets on your way to true financial health.

 Our debt reduction services are different.  We don't actually "manage" your debt for you, we teach you how to manage it for yourself using our financial empowerment program. 

 Most debt reduction services involve you paying someone a monthly fee or payment, and then they work with your creditors for you and make payments to them.  Although this may be a helpful way for you to manage your debt, we help you find your own path to financial freedeom, one that makes sense to you, so that you can manage your own debt.

 How do we do that?  First we walk you through a dream exercise, where you will get back in touch with your deepest dreams and desires, those that have been lost in a sea of debt.  Once you reconnect with your hidden dreams, we help you use that motivation to find a way to get out of debt and stay that way.  We have a series of eight exercises to help you develop the plan that works best for you.  Through our exercises you will develop a "whole person" budget that you design to help you get out of debt and reach your goals.

 Your plan may include the assistance of a credit counselor or financial advisor, and we can help you make those decisions also.  We have years of experience offering debt reduction services in a variety of capacities. 

 If you want to be done with debt, our debt reduction services will help.  Join our membership site today and start on the path to financial freedom and financial peace.


Money Worries

Everyone has them to one degree or another. Our goal is to give you a way to manage money thoughts so that your thoughts and emotions don't go in useless loops, depleting your energy and self esteem. 

Tough assignment. 

We have part of the solution; relaxed awareness, identifying what you can control and what is out of our control, focusing on what you can control and then making decisions based on clarity placed in the context of short, mid-term and long-term financial planning. 

Key thing is how we bring ourselves to a place of emotional clarity so we focus only on what we can change and control and let go of what we have absolutely no control over. This should, eventually, provide some relief and release though it won't take away the completely natural anxiety that arises when we have conflicting obligations. At least we will be able to say "Yes" to this and "No" to that without regret or remorse. We did what we could with what we had. We have to be at peace with that even if we are still not where we want to be financially.

Anxiety is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be our friend and inspire us to find creative and unexpected solutions and force us out of our comfort zone to see a larger perspective. Here again the challenge is converting that energy into something positive rather than letting it eat us alive. 

That is our work and we will find a way.


The Big Energy Drain – Worrying About Money

Do you know how much energy worrying about money takes?  

If you are constantly worried about money, whether you can pay the rent or your mortgage payment when due, or the car payment, or the insurance, you are not alone.  As the gap between the very rich and the rest of us grows bigger in this country, more and more people are worried. 

And this worry takes a tremendous amount of energy.  Energy you could be spending on activities with your family or that improve your situation.  Energy that could be used much more productively. 

Does it feel like you will always have to worry about money?  Or perhaps, you have just given up.  You don't even try to manage your money, you just make it from paycheck to paycheck (if you have one), from bill to bill, and tackle one at a time.  Borrow from friends or family.  Sell your things when you come up short.  Buy on-line course after on-line course promising the next "get-rich-quick" scheme.

It is often said that you get what your mind focuses on.  And when all you do is worry that you won't have enough money, you probably won't.  A common reaction is to put your head in the sand, like an ostrich.  Maybe it will go away.  But, you know deep down that it will be there when you come up for a breath, if you dare.

Take control of your worry by taking control of your finances.  Get a good grasp on where you are and where you want to be.  Figure out the difference and a way to close that gap.  By joining the Zero Balance Revolution Membership site, you will be on your way to pulling your head out of the sand and facing your situation head on.  Once you begin to take control of your finances, you will begin to feel better.  You will feel empowered. 

You can do this.  Come join us and let's do it together.  With our resources and your desire you CAN win the money game - once and for all!