You may have a large amount of debt compared to your income as your pay stubs show. That can be a problem. Not just for your bank account but for your life.

You may not have the assets you need to accomplish what you want in life, including a comfortable retirement.  This can create constant stress, and a sense of urgency.

When you are in debt, your life is not in harmony. Unless the debt clearly serves your long term goals and clearly makes sense financially, something is out of balance.

Now you want to do something about it. So let us take an honest look and answer some questions. No guilt and no blame, just a clear accounting of some facts.

How did your debt come about?

Did it happen suddenly, as a result of some dramatic change in your life, a divorce, an extended illness, an accident, the loss of a job or perhaps just a reduction in pay? This is the case for many.

Did it happen gradually, the result of a thousand small decisions that ultimately led to an unmanageable debt that now seems all but impossible to overcome?

You have been aware of the problem and have been thinking and worrying about it, but until now, you have been unable to act, not sure what to do and afraid of doing the wrong thing. So you have done nothing and hoped that somehow it would all go away. Then you woke up one morning, and nothing had changed.

Now you are tired of worrying, wondering, hoping and not acting.

You have made the courageous decision to end this. No more denial, no more putting off, no more wishful thinking.

So congratulations are in order, and we congratulate you.

So what comes next?

Clear your mind and your heart. Release judgment, blame and shame.  Feel it flow from your body and your spirit.  Let strength and empowerment take its place.  Close your eyes and visualize this.

You are beginning today. This is your opportunity for a fresh start, and it is time to take a new look at your life. This is the first step towards regaining control of your life and your finances.

It is time to forgive whomever or whatever is responsible for this mess.  Whether you blame yourself, your partner, your boss, the credit card companies, Fate, God or the weather, it is time to forgive, roll up your sleeves and prepare to move ahead.

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